Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mashkon from Almana or reichayim

The Rambam says that the issur of taking from an almana her mashkon or taking reichayim/ochel nefesh is assur both at the time of the halvaa as well as later. This brings up a good question raised by many, that relates to the earlier part of the sugya this past week. (everyone argues with Rambam about it include Raavad there)
Shmuel told us that the din of collecting a mashkon from inside the house includes the shaliach bes din and on that Rav Yosef asks a kasha that our 2 dinim cant be referring to the baal chov since he cannot collect at all. But, acc to Rambam if the din here is even at the time of halvaa, then it can refer to the baal chov since at time of halvaa he can collect whatever he wants except these items and the lav makes sense to be referring to the baal chov himself. (if i did not write this clearly, you can find this summarize in the minchas chinuch).
(see also tosfos on 115a for issues between sugya with Shmuel and there, though i do not have full understanding there of his resolution)


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