Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shabbas 10a - Tefilla and Torah

The Ben Yehoyada gives a different interpretation from what we explained in shiur to explain the sugya about Tefilla and Torah

First of all, the Ben Yehoyada is medayeik from the language of the gemara “דקא מאריך בצלותיה”  that is his tefilla that he was maarich in, as Rashi says “לרפואה לשלום ולמזונות” but not generic tefilla. Most of tefilla is חיי עולם.

The Ben Yehoyada asks – even if what ר’ ירמיה did by rushing shiur was not great, isn’t a bit overboard to call it תועבה, a word used for עבודה זרה and משכב זכר. Therefore he says that (based on a statement by בר קפרא elsewhere) that תועבה is נוטריקון for תועה אתה ב. The explanation is that this tefilla that he would daven now, when he stopped in the middle of learning, would lead his thought to לתעות, wander, and he will not be able to have any kavana in his tefilla since he would still be in that sugya. Ben Yehoyada says that this is the reason the חסידים הראשונים would prepare for an hour. Since they were learning at night, they needed to have a break to remove the torah thoughts from themselves before they daven.This also is a different explanation for why the people whose תורתם אומנותם do not have to daven: it is because they cannot have kavana!


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