Monday, October 8, 2007

What does ochazin mean in the Mishna?

By Ari Shapiro

Rashi on the Mishna doesn't explain but the Rambam in the peirush Hamishnayos (Bartenura and others) explain based on the Gemara on 7a that it means that they are holding the fringes of the garment. If they were holding a part of the garment then the din is that each one gets what they are holding and the rest they would split. The next case in the mishna where 1 claims the whole thing and 1 claims half is a machlokes rshonim whether it is the same case, they are holding only the fringes (Tosafos Harosh) or whether the person saying kula sheli is actually holding half (see Shita Mekubetzes).