Friday, March 20, 2009

5b makdish behemas chaveiro

The חוק נתן understands that even though the Rambam paskens like חכמים, still in makdish behemas chaveiro the pesak is נותן דמיו as chachmim agree to this. (see inside for how to work out the various sugyos)
the idea behind it is that shitas chachchim we do not say always אדם מוציא דבריו לבטלה, but only where we absolutely have no choice. since the word makdish unlike ערך can easily be understood to mean for money, therefore we are able to understand he means money. This din is extrapolated from the pesak of the Rambam about המקדיש את עצמו לא הקדיש אלא דמיו in 6:20 of Hilchos Erechin.
So, according to this, we limit the machlokes chachamim - Rabbi Meir to cases where a person says something that cannot be understood at face value and we are forced to reinterpret or abandon what he says. (a machlokes in psychology?)

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