Sunday, March 8, 2009

ערכין ב: - ור' יהודה ואם לא דריש

The acharonim point out a Tosafos in Sanhedrin י"ד. ד"ה ורבי שמעון. The Gemara there has a machlokes R' Shimon and the Chachamim how you learn מיוחדים שבשופטיך, the chachamim learn out from the ו, that it says ושופטיך and R' Shimon has a different derasha.

Tosafos asks that we find in other places where R' Shimon does darshen a ו. Similarly Tosafos asks from our Gemara where R' Yehuda does not darshen a ו but in Bava Metzia he does.

For those who were מסיים Bava Metzia, can anyone say where R' Yehuda darshens an extra ו?

Here is a hint it is in אלו מציאות.

On 27a the Gemara has a machlokes how do we learn out the din that you don't need to return an אבידה that is worth less then a שוה פרוטה. R' Yehuda learns out from ומצאתה (using the extra ו).

Tosafos in Sanhedrin explains that there is no hard and fast rule that R' Yehuda doesn't learns out things from a ו. The limud in Temura is an exception to the rule. Tosafos in Menachos (51b) says that it depends on the context sometimes yes sometimes no.

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